Star Star Roadhouse

Star Star is a supportive, diverse, balanced, and integrated community of creatives, builders, culinary and hospitality professionals, and art enthusiasts. Utilizing art, nourishment, and play as a medium, we soften the pervasive lines of class and economics that divide us in the default world. Star Star brings together a community of art patrons and creatives in a mutually supportive, respectful, and nurturing environment where we have the opportunity to experiment, co-create, learn, and evolve together. Burning Man is the practice realm: our desire is to manifest the magic of what we collectively build on playa in the beautiful yet often divided world around us.


Andy Tannehill

is co‐owner and director of operations of Nectar Events, Inc. and Table Nectar Catering alongside his role as founding producer & site lead of Star Star Roadhouse. He is a 17 year veteran of the Burning Man festival working both for the organization, for the artists, and for the burners. Andy is passionate about nutrition, art, community and how the three are deeply interrelated. He has a background in visual communication, food systems, and alternative social thinking. Ultimately Andy really just wants to help other people make our world the more beautiful place he knows is possible.

Producer & Site Lead

Kimberly Medici

is Co‐owner and Executive Chef at Table Nectar Local and Organic Catering, as well as is founding Co-Producer, Hospitality Director, and Executive Chef at Star Star Roadhouse. She has been burning for 11 years and working in a kitchen on playa for 9 (2 of which were done while extremely pregnant with with her daughters). She is passionate about family, vegetables, food and health education, building community, facilitating art (and eventually having time to make some), and dancing with her eyes closed and mouth open wide. She has a background in raw foods nutritional education, theater, dance, performance, wine-food parings, and helping many people of diverse backgrounds organize the landmark events of their lives. One of her greatest joys has been witnessing Burning Man through her children's eyes and watching their imaginations explode as they dive into art, community, and wonder every year at such young ages. She feels blessed to be able to work side-by side with the love of her life to co-produce one of the most magical camps on playa and is inspired everyday by her children, the beauty of the Sierra Nevada Foothills, and the revolution of our current food system.

Co-Producer, Hospitality Extraordinaire, Nourishment Dominatrix

Tyson Ayers

is an Oakland based musical instrument inventor, immersive theatre producer, and large scale installation artist. He is an experienced leader and project facilitator, as a director of the Sound Cave Road Show, Living Pulse Project, Centennial Celebration of the Elationists, the Foundation for the Preservation of Fantastic Possibilities, and a core organizer of Million Fishes Arts Collective. At Burning Man he produced the large scale musical instrument installations Musical Bike Paths in 2006, the Living Pulse Project in 2007, the Sound Cave Project in 2008 & 2009 (featured in center camp), and the Sound Cave Road Show in 2010. In 2014 he was the designer and lead builder for the Star Star performance venue/shade structure and collaborated with Sarah Hedden in producing the tea house “Gong Fu Weaver”. His art installations have also been featured at the several music festivals including Lightning in a Bottle, Wanderlust Festival, Maker Faire, What The Festival, and many others. In the civic art world he has shown and/or performed at the DeYoung Museum, SomArts, MCCLA, and has received recognition with the Zellerbach Family Foundation Grant, the San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC) Organizational Project Grant, the SFAC Individual Artist Commission, and art commissions as far away as Beirut, Lebanon. More on Tyson at

Art Director, Build Lead

Erin Kraemer

now based in Portland, Oregon, began her professional dance career in San Francisco with Alonzo King's LINES Ballet Training Program from 2005-2007. Soon after, her performative career took off with roles through the San Francisco Opera, Yannis Adoniou's Kunst-Stoff, & Kara Davis' Project Agora. In 2008, Erin started as a founding company member with Charles Slender's FACT/SF involving in a wide range of performances & works, including a Trans-Siberian Railway tour across Russia in the spring of 2012. During this tour, Erin performed in over nine cities & also taught master jazz classes to local dance students. Erin's love for jazz dance was reborn from her childhood in 2009 by a dynamic friendship which gave birth to the Bob Fosse tribute ensemble The Fossettes which reunites at Burning Man to perform on the Star Star stage.

While Erin was building her dance career, she was also developing a parallel career in visual merchandising & event styling for clients both large and small. She is thrilled to combine both her passions of design & of dance on the playa through Star Star Roadhouse & to extend her reach working with such a talented team. View Erin's visuals & design portfolio online here.

Performer, Décor Team Lead, Assist. Web Designer

Elizabeth Castaneda

has been teaching & choreographing for over fifteen years. Under the direction of Arletta Howard-Logan, Elizabeth was encouraged to create choreography for yearly performances for the Youth Ballet Theater of Austin, while receiving an extensive Royal Academy of Dance training. She began studies at Ballet Arts Academy at age seventeen when she was living in Spokane, Washington. She & her twin sister Melissa were asked to create several dance pieces for Ballet Theater of Spokane that took place in theaters & schools around the Spokane area. They later received the 1st place Award of the Choreography Division in the Northwest Allied Arts Festival. She was then accepted to Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington as a dance major. While living in Seattle, the Pacific Northwest Ballet employed Elizabeth as a camp counselor & mentor for the students attending their summer program. Alonzo King LINES Ballet caught Elizabeth's attention after she attended a performance in Seattle, & she attended the LINES summer program in San Francisco in 2003 & the LINES Ballet Year Round Training Program in 2005. After LINES she toured the United States & Canada for four months as a dancer & co-choreographer with Carpetbag Brigade, a physical theater group. Elizabeth has created three new works for the ODC PILOT program over the past six years. ODC was incredibly generous & essential in the creation of TWINSPACE, Elizabeth's dance studio that presided on the corner of 17th & Mission St. for three & a half years. Elizabeth managed TWINSPACE & created, collaborated, & choreographed with the San Francisco dance community. Elizabeth is one of the creators & co-choreographers of The Fossettes, a group inspired by Bob Fosse that has been performing in the Bay Area for over five years. Elizabeth has been teaching at the ODC Rhythm & Motion School for three years & has created choreography for both the ODC School and the ODC Dance Jam. She feels her place in the world will always involve dance & creating work, & she aspires to have her own contemporary dance company in the near future.

Show Director, Choreographer, Performer

Chloe Axelrod

Chloe Marvel Light Axelrod, spinning into your heart, and rocking your world. Bringing you San Francisco's finest home grown circus and unstoppable smiles.

Performer / Aerial

Diana Bergemann

is a 2-Time Emmy Award winning producer for PBS in Columbus, Ohio. She’s also a lover of all things “arts”. She is thrilled to be a Burning Man virgin, lending a hand in stage management.

Production Stage Manager
Mike B

Michael Brezinski

is an artist and musician who resides primarily in Oakland, CA. He is the sole member of Deepenhorse, a music project that blends together elements of metal and post rock. For more information check out

Kitchen Crew


is a food medicine woman & gourmet popsicle peddler hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana. She has been learning and exploring what it means to cook from & for the heart and soul her entire life, and practices and teaches the art of mindful cooking and eating. She is studying Ayurveda at the Mount Madonna Institute & currently resides in Santa Cruz where she owns & operates an organic bicycle powered popsicle company called the popcycle. When she is not in the kitchen putting magic love spells on food or slinging popsicles on the streets, you can find her romping around in nature & sunset chasing. This is her first burning man and she could not be more thrilled to connect, share and work with the beautiful star star crew! Check out the popcycle’s website!

Kitchen Crew

Melissa Castaneda

has studied ballet, modern, jazz, afro, & other dance styles her entire life alongside her twin sister Elizabeth. During that training, Melissa was inspired to create costumes & creations for the performing arts. Her realized talents in design & passions for color were fostered by her mother at an early age by her teachings & handmade ensembles. After attending Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle for dance, where she also interned in the school's costume shop, Melissa moved to San Francisco in 2005 & spent her first year there dancing at Alonzo King's LINES Ballet Pre-Professional Program. Since then, Melissa has harnessed all of her experiences in her costume and clothing creations first through the performing arts community in the Bay Area & then beyond working on a wide range of projects including custom commissioned designs in costumery & couture. Under the business of her solo line Maiden May, Melissa has made costumes for ODC’s productions of Uncertain Weather and The Enchanted Forest, USF Theater, Loco Bloco, Beats Antique, & many other Bay Area performance groups. She also has a chance to combine her skills on one entity while dancing and designing costumes for the Fosse-inspired troupe The Fossettes of which she is a founding member. Visit Melissa’s to learn more and see samples of her designs.

Costume Designer, Performer

Cassandra Dandra

heralds from circus-land and wields super long limbs on aerial Straps at extreme heights. She is a company member of the Vau de Vire society in San Francisco, and has spent the last two years at the bottom of a rabbit hole traveling the world to train with the best coaches on this difficult aerial apparatus. She is also handy with power tools. Discover more magic at!

Performer, Aerial

Usa Devi

always said while growing up that she wanted to "save the third world and throw amazing parties." A palm reader told her that her purpose in life was to "be a leader and a healer in the community and the arts." That sounds more sophisticated, so lets go with that, Usa proclaims. She is a dreamer, facilitator, mentor, artist, chef, and go-getter that wears many hats behind the scenes of many scenes from circuses, to film, music and arts fests, healing retreats, art openings.

Build & Kitchen Crew

Dwoira Galilea

raised in Coney Island, trained in rhythmic gymnastics from age 9 and began circus training alongside theatre/dance/vocal training at age 11. She graduated from the Performing Arts High School of NYC, and specializes in contortion, aerial hoop and tissue. She has performed internationally with traditional and contemporary circus, including Cirque Estival, Cirque Mondo, Circus Bella, the Vau de Vire Society, Celebrity Cruises, Circus Hamid, and various nightclubs and corporate events.

Performer, Contortion

Karl Gillick

a former tree canopy biologist and rock climbing guide, began producing his own aerial dance work in 1998. The creativity and dexterity required to traverse delicately among the crowns of ancient trees inspired him to share his tactile sense of movement and love of nature with an audience. With his penchant for large, interactive, site-specific work and inclusive, collaborative processes, Karl rethinks commonplace environments to enrich audience/performer shared experiences. As a master rigger, accomplished visual designer, artistic director and performer, Karl’s bold, emotional imagery engages with art as primary research into the human condition. Karl joins the Star Star team as head rigger, bringing thirteen years of on-playa production experience to back up Star Star's stellar cast and crew. Learn more by visiting

Build Crew & Aerial Rigger Extraordinare

Elliott Gittelsohn

resolved to join the circus at age 12. Through persistence and passion, the next decade brought him an apprenticeship at Circus Smirkus Academy, a degree in the art of clowning at The Clown Conservatory, and over five years of training at Circus Center. At 19, Elliott expanded his repertoire to include contortion, training under his mentor, the award-winning Mongolian contortionist Serchmaa Byamba. Elliott has since performed for New Pickle Circus, Capacitor, Vau de Vire Society, Velocity Circus and Celebrity Cruises.

Performer, Contortion
Jason G

Jason Gronlund

is an interdisciplinary artist and blacksmith based out of Oakland, California. From building functional metal projects to organizing collaborative festivals in Mexico he is interested in blurring the lines between art and life. The skills he approaches art making with include painting, drawing, carpentry, metalwork, and social integration.

Build Crew
The Hair Farmers

The Hair Farmers

have been together as a band since that first ski season of '99 in Whistler, & have cultivated their West Coast "ski bum" musical style to include everything from Johnny Cash to Jimi Hendrix and U2, Bob Dylan to Led Zeppelin and Coldplay, Willie Nelson to the Grateful Dead. Country, rock, blue grass, reggae, name it, they'll play it...their song list is at around 3000 songs. So what's a Hairfarmers show all about? That depends on everything from the weather, to the cycles of the moon. As they never plan anything prior to a performance, the band themselves would say something like "you have to feel the room and the people in it and choose the songs's about finding the music that will take the audience and the band to that place where the FUN HAPPENS." Star Star Roadhouse welcomes them for their fifth year as the camp's House Band providing endless rockability on the playa. Check out their website to learn more about the duo.

House Band

Jay Holecek

draws on the wisdom of traditional cultures and current scientific studies in his passion to educate, inspire, and nourish those in need. He views whole foods as preventative medicine, and he stays up to date on current food issues and health concerns in order to create safe, sustainable menus. Jay loves to create new recipes share them with hungry friends and speak excitably about food with anyone who asks.

Currently Jay is providing a variety of services to individuals, organizations and institutions around the world while being based at PLACE for sustainable living in northern California. He combines his training, knowledge and passion into ‘Therapeutic Chef’ services, which has enabled him to work with various individuals, catering companies, restaurants, food manufacturers and other organizations to provide menu consulting, recipe and product development, nutritional and cooking demonstrations and classes, resources and encouragement. Learn more about Jay and what he has to offer through his website.

Therapeutic Chef

Kerri Kresinski

is truly a unique performer, engaging, thrilling and moving audiences with her skills, style, and heart. She has dedicated her life to training and developing herself as an artist and a leader. Kerri expresses her passion, spirit, and emotion through movement, and feels that the body is the gateway to the higher powers for healing, transformation and expression. Kerri has performed in shows all over the world and is a co-founder of San Francisco’s Sweet Can Circus. Kerri has been teaching acrobatics, yoga, dance, and Her passion for transformation and growth have recently manifested in her project of leading Sweet Retreats - yoga, circus and aerial focused health and fitness retreats. Join her on her next retreat, & find Kerri’s performance work on her youtube channel.

Performer, Aerial
Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee

has a 12-year background in film & TV production. As both a production coordinator and location scout, Daniel Lee has worked on several well-known productions that have passed through the Bay Area (Milk - Harvey Milk, On The Road, The Master, Men of Mavericks, Jobs - Steve Jobs, Sense 8, Murder In The First, Thirteen Reasons Why, Diners, Drive Ins & Dives, Cruel Intentions Season 1). Outside of work, Daniel spends his time getting removed from karaoke bars for snatching the microphone from the person on stage.

On-Site Production Coordinator

Pearl Marill

is an actress, dancer, and choreographer. Her work has been shown at venues all around the Bay Area, and she has won both local and international awards for her choreography and performance. She is currently the artistic director of MOC (Modern on Command), a company that fuses modern dance with comedy, and she produces a monthly show at Pianofight in San Francisco called, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN LAP DANCE? . Pearl won an Isadora Duncan Dance Award (Izzie) in 2013 for Best Ensemble Performance 2011-1012 for her piece, Missed Connections, and was most recently awarded a "Lifetime Inspirational Dance Achievement Award," from BayAreaDanceWatch and SafeHouse for the Performing Arts.


Malcolm McFarland

likes to work with steel and wood. He also tinkers with bits and electrons. When he's lucky, he gets to combine them all together in one project! And sometimes it isn't just because that project is on fire.

Build Crew
Sonia Millner

Sonia Millner

is part of Hard Core Decor and the magnificent Stage Crew. At home, I am a global makeup artist and hair stylist, I am a single mother of two amazing teenagers and I am a bad ass, independent woman who survived and now thrives. The devil whispered in my ear, "You're not strong enough to withstand the storm," with a smile I whispered back, "I am the storm".

Decor, Stage Crew

Mylah Moon Tannehill Medici

is 5.5 years old and this year will be her 5th burn not including the time she attended the event in her mama's tummy. Miss Moon is wildly unpredictable, beautifully sensitive and kind, and has a flair for drama. She loves her blind chicken, picking chives for her scrambled eggs, drawing rainbows, being on stage, feeding and dressing her little sister, and wearing her birthday suit. She is inspired by Moana and thinks Burning Man is the greatest place on earth.

Dancing Fairy Rainbow Princess, Chef in Training, Star Star Mascot #1

Talulah Rae Tannehill Medici

is small but mighty. She is 31 months old and this year will be her 3nd burn not including the time she attended the event in her mama's tummy. Lulu is insatiably curios, funny beyond her years, and will annihilate you in a stare down. She's a remarkable swimmer for her age, thinks the world of her big sister, loves anything with butter and salt, and knows exactly what she wants and isn't afraid to say it. As a lover of hugs and cuddles, she invented the word "Huggles" and likes to be referred to as Koala.

Eye Gazing Scorpio Queen, Smallest Burner, Star Star Mascot #2

Darl Andrew Packard

has been a Bay Area Video and Lighting Designer for 8 years after moving from his hometown in Baltimore, MD. He has worked with among others Soulskin Dance, FACT/SF, CounterPULSE, Amara Tabor-Smith/Deep Waters Dance, inkBoat, Mugwumpin, Crowded Fire Theater, the Z Space Studio, Word for Word Performing Arts, Campo Santo, YouthSpeaks and Marc Bamuthi Joseph. His design and technical theater work has been seen around the world in among other places New York, Philadelphia, France and Switzerland. In the past he has served as the Executive Director of Killing My Lobster, International Touring Production Manager for Word for Word, and Theater Manager for CounterPULSE. He is currently the Technical Director for YouthSpeaks' Brave New Voices national slam poetry competition and is the current Technical Director at the Urban School of San Francisco.

Lighting Designer

Sonia Sophia

is a world renowned healing artist specializing in a form of energy medicine called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). She is the founder of The Sophia School of Living Arts and is the creator of a weekly live stream healing event called the World Tapping Circle. Sonya Sophia has led EFT workshops and EFT Training’s in England, France, Italy, Holland, Germany, Canada and the US. From 2000 to 2017 over 30,000 people have Tapped with Sonya during her 17 years of festival appearances. Sonya loves leading audiences at Burning Man where crowds of “cultural creatives” gather to tap it out together. She believes that culture is shaped by the artists - and thus she puts her heart and soul into helping shape global culture by helping the world’s artists, visionaries, and thought leaders become more clear, stable, loving and grounded in their ability to provide, beauty, truth and inspiration for us all!

Team Love
Andrew Start

Andrew Start

is an actor, teacher and audiobooks producer based in NYC. He received an MFA in acting from Rutgers University where he is a Co-Adjutant theatre professor. Regional and NYC credits include - Essential Theatre Group, The Drilling Company, Arvada Center, Surflight Theatre, The Fulton, Rutgers Theatre Company and The REP at Pittsburgh Playhouse. Look for him as Danny Martino in the upcoming indie horror Honeybee. Other Film: In the Night, I Don’t Know Alaska, Bodies and Morning. Tours: Evita, Wonderful Town.


Benjamin Turner

has a background in circus, partner acrobatics, modern dance, yoga, & contact improvisation. He has performed with members from the Star Star troupe in various guises, including Gamelan X, Twinspace Continuum, the Fossettes, & Fou Fou Ha. After more than 12 years on playa making Big Art, little art, Performance Art, and everything in between - Ben is searching desperately for the frontier of participation and radical self-expression. Stay tuned for altered reality game shows throughout the week. He currently splits his time moonlighting as a dancer and working by day for One Hat One Hand - a design / build company in San Francisco. Check out Ben's website online.

Performer & Build Crew

Micah Walters

is a hybrid. Part ballerina, part gymnast and all legs. Micah aims to invent, impress and inspire. But, mostly, he just wants you to spell his name correctly. At 13, he received the overall high score on the Floor Exercise among his age level in the nation. A growth spurt in his teens pushed him into the world of circus. Micah has performed with local dance and circus companies including Capacitor, Academy of American Ballet, Trapeze World, Velocity Arts & Entertainment, The Vau de Vire Society and City Circus. Find him on Facebook here.

Emily W

Emily Warrington

is out of Denver, CO and here to help make your desert life the best it can be. Whether it's built, up, or stirred, she's got your back. Come check out the program. And welcome to Star Star!

Bar Lead, Front of House

Kiki Anderson

is an educator, collaborator, artist, athlete, thespian, gardener and lover of life. She is happy to have been a part of the Star Star Crew since its inception in 2011. A Renaissance woman, Kiki has worked on many aspects of the Star Star Roadhouse throughout the years; from Lead Decor, Kitchen crew, Build/Strike crew, to even being a fledgling performer! Whilst directing plays with her elementary students, Kiki realized that she too wanted to be on the stage. Star Star has provided a platform for her to explore those (and other) artistic desires. She has been coming to Burning Man since 2005 where she met her life partner and fellow crew member Grant. Alongside her efforts with Star Star, she has additionally been a creator/collaborator with the Oakland based artist collective Five Ton Crane. She has worked on several funded projects throughout the years from the Steampunk Treehouse in 2007, to the Raygun Gothic Rocket in 2009, and now Storied Haven, a new project on the playa this year!

Build / Kitchen / Décor / Goddess Crew
Stephanie B

Stephanie Bailey

is an aerialist and contortionist who rarely keeps her feet on the ground. You can usually find her climbing something new in order to bend and twist or spin all around it. Her budding circus career has taken her to San Francisco where she plays and performs with the Vau de Vire Society. You can also find her teaching a variety of skills to a variety of ages at AcroSports in the city; from baby gymnastics to youth and adult aerial classes, and even some contortion lessons. She grew up working in customer service and food handling jobs, and has thoroughly enjoyed making people happy through their days. Finding ways to make strangers smile is her specialty. This year, 2015, will be her 4th Burn (2008, 2011, and 2014). She is excited to be breaking her every-three-year pattern, while getting to know another fine Burn crew.

FOH, Performer, Aerial
James C

James Caran

was the first kid on the block to own a four-track. Before he could read, James could cut a blues album playing all the instruments himself. Today—hand him an obscure and oblong-shaped artifact, tell him it's a musical instrument, and within an hour he'll be playing it proficiently. Next week he'll be recording it to analog tape. But James Caran doesn't just make music. He fosters it. He creates the circumstances wherein music happens, by bringing great musicians together and letting their uniqueness enrich the groundwork he's laid. He also performs, produces, mixes, and engineers sound in a gazillion different formats and environments, for and with countless acts the world over, often bridging across various hats. He has collaborated with some fine and buzzword-y folks, establishments, and organizations such as The Roots, Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, Coldplay, Naturally Seven, Diana Ross, Michael Bublé, Rick Astley, the Budokan, Hollywood Bowl, Arseneo Hall, Jay Leno, Great American Music Hall, Madison Square Garden, New Orleans Jazz Festival, the Esalen Institute, members of P-Funk, and The White House. And when he’s not throwin’ down for giant arenas, he’s underground or gettin’ down in the dust on such projects and camps as Feed The Artists, Living Pulse, Sacred Spaces, Wagonistas, Jimmy Dies of Dysentery, ManiFest Destiny, Monticello, the DoDo, Red Lightning, and The Soundcave. Singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, director, sound engineer, technician, teacher, creator of countless recording studios, stages, and performance venues across every continent on the globe except Antarctica and the North Pole.

Sound Engineer, Production Tech
Justin H

Justin Haney

aka Haney/Hanis/honeyswan and various affectionate titles, works in Placerville, CA with Table Nectar as a cook and all-things-needed buddy. At now at Star Star Roadhouse, Justin is a rockstar in the kitchen! AS a father of two young baby boys, he is a drummer/musician, an artist of various sorts, and an all around mystically playful party demon. Some of his spirit animals include the otter, the pig, and the cat. Justin is so excited to be a part of the crew and looks forward to meeting everyone and working this year at the burn!

Kitchen Crew
Leslie M

Leslie Marie

got her creative footing in the theater making costumes for the stage for just over a decade. She moved to San Francisco in 2010 and has since prototyped garments for wearable tech startups, made large scale sets for theater and dance, and has work as a freelance manufacturer, helping small designers get their creative footing. She also began showing art around the same time, and has traveled to Los Angeles and New York to share here visual, mostly photographic, creations. She began modeling in 2006, and this passion has grown for her. 2015 is her first year at Burning Man, and she's excited to share her experience with such a wonderful group of people. Please check out her website for more information or to get in contact.

Décor / Build Crew

About Burning Man

Burning Man is a network of people inspired by the values reflected in the Ten Principles and united in the pursuit of a more creative and connected existence in the world. Throughout the year we work to build Black Rock City, home of the largest annual Burning Man gathering, and nurture the distinctive culture emerging from that experience. The hub of this global network is the 501(c)(3) non-profit Burning Man Project, headquartered in San Francisco, California.