About Us

Star Star Roadhouse is a diverse community of artists, builders, performers, chefs, healers, art patrons, and creatives of ALL flavors who love what we do and want to share it with you! From our home base in Black Rock City, Nevada we actively create a model of the world we want to live in. Each year we produce and perform a new original stage show, a live rock dance party, offer classes, and original art as a gift to the Burning Man community. Come see our show, participate in a workshop, socialize at Stooptown, have your bike fixed, or catch a ride on our Deco Fish Twin art cars. See you in the dust!

Photo by Rob Venga.

Video by Selva Sagrada.

Crew Members

Amanda Dubrel
Andew Tannehill    tablenectar.com
Benjamin Turner    monkeybenturner.weebly.com
Britt Juleen    brittjuleen.com
Bruce Taitague
Calli Beck    callibeck.ninja
Cathryn Chapman    @ladycathryn
Chloe Axelrod
Christopher Coburn    pyrocumulous.com
Daniel Lee
Dayna Gilbert
Delayne Medoff
Derek Bergemann
Dworia Galilea
Elizabeth Castaneda    Link
Elliott Gittelsohn    ellastico.com
Emilina Dissette
Emily Warrington
Erin Kraemer    erinlk.myportfolio.com
Fiona Neville
Isabel Avellan    selvasagrada.com
Jared Chen
Jason Gronlund
Jay Belo    @duendebuilds
Jay Holecek    herbnculture.com
Jonathan Patty
Julie Indelicato
Karl Gillick    professionalrigging.com
Kat Cole    katreneecole.com
Keith Wheeler
Kerri Kresinski    www.sweetretreatsdr.com/kerri-kresinski
Kimberly Medici    tablenectar.com
Limor Allen    limorallen
Liza Jane Norman    lizajanenorman.com
Melissa Castaneda    www.maidenmay.com
Mika Banks    www.mikabanks.com
Oosha Devi Chaitlal
Patrick Raab
Paulie Anne Duke    dukedesignsco.com
Pearl Marill    pearlmarill.com
Saravasti Zai    saravastizai.com
Sonya Millner    shearnerve.com
Sonya Sophia    sonyasophia.us
Tyson Ayers    tysonayers.com
Xaina Lerner
Zachary Mazi