Show 2019
Star Star emerges from the chrysalis to bring you Metamorphosex. Our mind-bending, gender-blending, time-warping peek into the futurist female. A campy romp through penetrating themes brings forth a vision of what is possible through sensuality and radical expression! Directed and Choreographed by Elizabeth Castaneda. Coming to Black Rock City 2019.


Art Credit by Leighton Kelly.

Wednesday thru Friday of the Burn! Our doors open at 8pm, and the show starts at 9pm. After the performance our house band The Hairfarmers take the stage with live Rock and Roll Dance Party!

Photo by Rob Venga.

Body Of Light

Show 2018

Photos by Isa Avellan and Rob Venga.


Show 2017

Photos by Isa Avellan and Laine Shakeridge.


Show 2016

Photos by Isa Avellan.

The Man and the Mirror

Show 2015

Photos by Isa Avellan and Rob Venga.