Art Cars

Star Star Roadhouse is the home base for the Deco Fish Twin art cars, that is when they aren’t drifting around the playa. These two Art Deco styled fish can be found swimming alone, but something special happens when spotted together as the light and sound systems sync up, and an intricate nautical dance ensues. Come join us as we circumnavigate the playa!

The Deco Fish Twins were built in 2016 by Engineered Artworks at the Lost and Foundry studios in West Oakland, California. These nautical wonders were designed and fabricated by a dedicated team of artists and craftsmen that continue to maintain and improve upon them each year.

Art Car Team:

Design: Sean Orlando
  Bree Hylkema
Lighting: Peter Tjeerdsma
Power: Rich Brown
Sound: Dorn Dibble
Fabrication team: Jason Gronlund
  Cjay Elizabeth
  Clifford Florio
  Stephanie Shipman

  Inquiring about having them appear off playa?